• the   best   protection   against   corrosion   for   hvac   and   industrial   equipment

    INFINIGUARD® is the only ambient-temperature-curing inorganic treatment that seals and protects all noble metals, plastics, and electrical components including control panels and logic boards.
  • improve   hvac   efficiency: reduce   energy   costs   by   15%

    HVAC units treated with INFINIGUARD® reduce energy and maintenance cost while increasing the life of the unit. Return your investment in 10-18 months.
  • nano-ceramic   coating   with   super   hydrophobic   finish

    Our nano-ceramic coating is composed of silicon-based (inorganic) molecules and is the only siloxane coating formulated specifically for hot and humid environments. 


HVAC units

INFINIGUARD® is specifically designed for commercial, industrial or residential units. Lower energy demands greatly increased lifespan of the HVAC components while simultaneously decreasing long-term ownership costs.

Refrigeration equipment

Protects industrial refrigeration equipment without sacrificing performance making equipment long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Electrical equipment

Our siloxane-based coating can be applied to electrical panels, control panels and other electronic equipment for extended corrosion protection and resistance to organic matter.

Reduce Cost

Reduces air conditioning energy cost up to 15%


Improves efficiency and restores HVAC unit output

Extend Unit Life

Anti-corrosive coating increases the life of new or used units

Improve Quality

Improves indoor air quality and eliminates 'dirty sock' for indoor air handling units

INFINIGUARD® vs. Traditional Coatings

INFINIGUARD® is a nano-ceramic coating composed of silicon-based (inorganic) molecules, which prohibits microbial growth and oxidation.

Traditional coatings are comprised of organic materials that can allow microbial growth and do not protect against oxidation.

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Top industry brands trust our technology to protect their assets because INFINIGUARD® delivers results. Contact us today to see how we can help your product improve in longevity, output, and efficiency savings.

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