• Ultra Thin 12 Micron Coating

    Extreme   Corrosion    Resistance

    INFINIGUARD® is the most thoroughly 3rd-party tested anti-corrosive coating on the market. INFINIGUARD®-coated lab samples show virtually no coating degradation, even after exposure well past the industry standards.

Technical Data

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Third Party Testing Results

INFINIGUARD®-coated lab samples show virtually no coating degradation after exposure to 3 times the industry standard for cyclical corrosion.

A typical duration for SAE J2334 is 40 cycles per most John Deere and Caterpillar (CAT) specifications. Following exposure to 120 cycles (120 days), INFINIGUARD® had 1 panel with a maximum of 3 percent corrosion. In comparison, the competitor’s panels had a minimum of 8% corrosion.

After 12,000 hours of salt spray exposure, INFINIGUARD® exhibited far less oxidation and coating degradation when compared to the competitors.

INFINIGUARD® coating subjected to the exposure of 12,000hrs at a thickness of 12 micron shows only minor visible defects. The majority of automobile frames and components are coated with e-coat around the 20-40 microns thick and rarely last longer than ~5000hrs in salt spray.

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