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We are the coating
solution for HVAC

INFINIGUARD® protects HVAC equipment by modifying the surface of exposed metals and encapsulating treated units with an ultra-strong, flexible, thin layer of siloxane. Once treated with INFINIGUARD®, equipment maintains like-new efficiency and is much easier to clean and maintain. 


INFINIGUARD® goes on clear, giving treated cabinets a glassy finish. Brand integrity is preserved, while protecting equipment from the elements with a super-hydrophobic surface.

Control Panel

INFINIGUARD® creates a non-conductive surface, allowing it to be applied to control panels and logic boards with no issues. Electrical components can be protected from corrosion with a quick application.


INFINIGUARD® is applied with an ultra thin (0.5 mils) layer, allowing it to be applied to micro-channel coils with no bridging. Complete penetration of all coil types is allowed with the use of a simple HVLP gun, used in conjunction with an air compressor. No other coating is easier to prepare, store and apply!

Increase Efficiency

  • Reduces air conditioning energy cost up to 15%
  • The return on your investment will be achieved in 10-18 months for HVAC units treated (energy costs alone).
  • Increases the life of new or used units
  • Friction is reduced on treated surface
  • Increases laminar airflow across the coil and improves the capacity of condenser units to offload heat

Inorganic Coating

  • Silicon-ceramic coating designed to bond on the molecular level with metal substrates
  • Inorganic coating (does not permit microbial growth) won't oxidize
  • Virtually impervious to moisture, UV, acids, alkalis, and biological contaminants
  • Covalent bonding between the proprietary coating and the substrate  is nearly unbreakable

Corrosion Resistance

  • Controls corrosion and stops all degradation of treated units
  • Seals and protects all noble metals, plastics, electrical components, and even the control panels and logic boards
  • Hydrophobic finish is virtually impervious to moisture, UV, acids, alkalis, and biological contaminants
  • Stands up to the hottest and most corrosive environments including coastal salt-laden air, industrial acid rain, high-alkalinity, chemical attack, UV radiation and abrasion
  • Dry temp max is 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Full Coverage

    • The entire unit is coated including the inside and outside of the cabinet, tubing and electrical components
    • Can be correctly applied in high humidity environments
    • Can be applied in the field on existing units
    • A single treatment will preserve coils and components for the mechanical life of the HVAC unit
    •  Once cured, is FDA certified for food preparation surfaces 
    • Dry film thickness of 0.5 mils (12.7 microns)